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Yihong Wu

Managing Director, Partner

Yihong, born 1967 in China, is an Austrian Citizen and lived in Vienna for more than 20 years. She started her professional career with her major in German Language and Literature from the renowned Shanghai International Studies University. Immediately after her graduation she went to Austria to complement her studies in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Based on her intercultural background and her knowledge both in languages and economics, she was most suited to become an entrepreneur and co-founded a machinery and components trade company in Vienna successfully performing Sino-Austrian business. She is part-owner in that company up and till today.

During her entrepreneurship she was able to gain valuable industrial and technical knowledge, which enabled her to take the next steps. Also her social competence allowed her to create a sustainable network in Europe and in Asia, which provided her access to most important decision makers on all industrial and political levels.

Her global expertise and knowledge through all facettes of business enabled Yihong to provide advise to companies who had not yet taken the step into Asia or were lacking the expected success. Due to her proficient consultancy many of her clients entered successfully the Asian market.

In 2006, Yihong has taken the next step forward and in co-founding United Overseas Limited together with her partner, concentrated fully on her most successful consultancy activities. As a partner in that company she accompanied successfully many European and Asian companies and organizations in establishing sustainable businesses. Especially in the Maritime, Aviation and Oceanic Research community she has achieved a high recognition of her outstanding entrepreneurial and business capabilities.

Beside her consultancy activities, Yihong has been engaged in cultural and social activities for the Austrian Government in their effort to provide a better integration of the Chinese community in Austria and has been co-organizer for various culture events in Vienna. Further, she has earned high respect for her tutorial capabilities when she was providing intercultural training seminars for renowned European companies in their preparation to enter the Asian market.